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How to choose a camouflage suit?

Published: 18.06.2022

The camouflage suit is one of the varieties of camouflage overalls. It is worn over the equipment and is made of thinner fabrics, which are highly durable and resistant to the aggressive effects of the environment. The main purpose of the camouflage suit is to make it invisible on the ground when carrying out different kinds of work.

Used in the military since the late XIX century, having been invented in the British army, the personnel of which, due to the contrasting with the African terrain uniforms proved to be extremely vulnerable to the Boer riflemen. The solution to the problem was a lot of stitched on top of tattered scraps of cloth dyed in the colors typical for the places of combat operations.

Types of camouflage suits

There are three types of camouflage suits, differing from each other by the type of cut:

  • cape;
  • A set of pants and a jacket;
  • 3D cape or suit.

Cloaks are structurally very similar to the "poncho," an ancient South American garment still widely used today by Mexicans, for example. In fact, they differ only in the pattern, which allows the cape to be used for camouflage. In such products there are no pockets, but the loose cut provides discreetness and allows you to cover not only the upper part, but also the entire torso.

The camouflage suit, consisting of pants and a jacket, is characterized by improved functionality, but at the same time due to the design features can not provide the same invisibility on the ground, as in the capes.

The distinctive feature of the 3D cape or suit is the presence of numerous fabric patches, which allow you to simulate, for example, leaves, or other elements, concealing the person in the area.

Characteristics and choice of suits

In addition to price, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a gilly suit. Key among them are materials of manufacture and color. As a rule, such products are made of special fabrics. They are thinner than those used in outerwear, but at the same time their characteristics of strength and resistance to the external environment are comparable. The weight of quality camouflage suits does not exceed 1 kg.

In addition, such fabric should dry quickly, as well as retain its camouflage properties in the nighttime IR range. As for color, more precisely speaking, camouflage pattern, here we should proceed from the specific conditions of application of these products: for the summer time is necessary to choose suits, painted in different shades of green, olive, brown colors. For winter it is better to choose products whose camouflage pattern is based on shades of gray.

You should also pay attention to the fine details of the camouflage suit. In particular, the best choice will be those that have a double zipper, because it allows you to unzip from both sides. In addition, quality suits have access to the pockets of outerwear, which improves convenience in everyday use.




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